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About Us Video

About Us Video Surface Renew Little Rock AR

Bob Kennedy is the President and founder of Surface Renew in Arkansas. Ryan Schatz is the Vice-President and Co-Owner.

About Us

We are passionate about helping our customers because we are committed and motivated to help people save time and money. Our process saves approximately 70% over replacement costs and can typically be done in one day instead of weeks of remodeling.

Along the way we want you to have an enjoyable experience with Surface Renew. It all starts with a simple phone call to our friendly staff in the office. It concludes with a visit from our knowledgeable and experienced technicians who will finish your project in a timely fashion.

Surface Renew is all about honest service, integrity and value.

Bob got into the refinishing field because of an un-met need he had in his own investment properties. He found out that the Little Rock AR market was poorly served by the refinishing contractors. So he began doing his own refinishing work. And as word spread to other property managers and homeowners Surface Renew took off and grew.

Bob and Ryan have been friends for years. Ryan respects how Bob started Surface Renew from the ground up. So he approached Bob with an idea he had about how to help grow the company. Though a few meetings they realized they had the same core values of quality and customer service.

With those two values being the foundation of their company they rapidly grew Surface Renew to what it is today.

About You

At Surface Renew we begin with intensive training for all of our technicians. This intensive training enables us to provide an exceptional quality product to our customers at a high level of customer service. In fact, we offer a free Bathtub Refinishing Consumer Awareness Guide to help inform people so they can make the best decisions concerning their fixtures.

One thing that sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we are the highest rated and the most reviewed refinishing and floor polishing company in Arkansas. You’ll enjoy your first experience with Surface Renew because we’ve been doing this since 2004. We have a friendly staff and highly trained and experienced technicians who provide a quality product for you.

All of our consultations with our customers are 100% free with no obligations. You can call us today at (501) 920-9326. Or reach out to us in an email at


About Bob Kennedy and Ryan Schatz, Owners of Surface Renew Arkansas

Contact Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite consultation and price quote. Or ask us a question. And then we’ll reply ASAP with your answer and/or your custom price quote. We’re all about great customer service!

Company: Surface Renew, Inc.
Arkansas Central Office: 501-920-9326
Arkansas Northwest Office: 479-226-0703

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