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Antique Farmhouse Sink Refinishing

Antique Farmhouse Sink Refinishing

WOW!!! Look how beautiful these antique fixtures turned out. The crew did amazing work. Sorry I don’t have “before” images. These are the “after” images of 3 antique farmhouse sink refinishing projects and an antique farmhouse tub.


They were in really rough shape before starting. The owner is renovating and was thinking of replacing with new fixtures. Since he didn’t want to though away these old pieces he asked if there was anything we could do for them. So glad he asked! You can see the results; good thing he didn’t buy replacements yet.

Antique Bathroom Sink Refinishing

He tells us these “”like new” fixtures are going back in. We sure do love preserving history. It also feels good when we can make a difference in the lives of others by helping them refurbish old beloved heirlooms and also save a few bucks in the process. In addition to antique farmhouse sink refinishing we refinish clawfoot tubs too!

Antique Bathtub Refinishing Surface Renew AR


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