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About Us

About Us
About Surface Renew. Learn about the owners, work crew, and company ethics at the best Bathtub Refinishing Service in Little Rock AR.

About Us Video
About Surface Renew owners Bob Kennedy and Ryan Schatz, the foundations of value and service they build upon, and how that benefits you.

Contact Us
Surface Renew contact information: Phone, email, social media, etc. Free quotes from Little Rock bathtub refinishing company. Specializing in antique tubs and sinks. Ask about our warranty guarantee.

FAQ Page
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page with answers about the process and services of tub and tile refinishing company in Little Rock AR. More info call 501-920-9326.

Home Page
Front home page of our website, Surface Renew Little Rock AR Bathtub Refinishing Service Company. We restore vintage and modern bathtubs, sinks, countertops, and tile surfaces. Links to other pages and articles.

Proud Veteran Business Owners
Founder Bob Kennedy, is a US Army veteran. Four vets fill key leadership positions at Surface Renew: Army, Marine, and 2 Air Force members.

Reviews and Testimonials
Customer reviews and testimonials of Surface Renew Little Rock tub and tile refinishing, and floor marble polishing services.

Review of Bathroom Makeover Project
A happy customer was kind enough to leave a very nice bathroom makeover review of our services on Yelp with before & after photos.

Warranty & Guarantee
Surface Renew offers an industry leading 3 year warranty for residential work and 1 year for commercial services. Many refinishing companies offer warranties which are pro-rated, meaning that the warranty’s coverage decreases incrementally over time. Unlike these warranties, our guarantee covers 100% of any defects in workmanship or materials throughout the entire life of the guarantee.

Bathtub Refinishing

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing Care and Maintenance Articles

Bathtub Painting | DIY vs. Pro – Which is Best?
In this brief article we’ll compare and contrast DIY bathtub painting with a professional bathtub refinishing service. Find out which is best, and why.

Bathtub Refinishing Consumer Awareness Guide
Considering tub refinish vs. replacement vs. DIY? Bathtub Refinishing Consumer Awareness Guide shows what you need to know before deciding.

Bathtub Refinishing Little Rock AR
We’re not construction contractors! We’re refinishers. So with us you’ll be saving hassle, time, and money by avoiding the costly, messy, and frustrating parts of a construction style remodeling process.

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing Little Rock AR
Antique clawfoot tub refinishing service in Little Rock, AR. Fast, friendly, & affordable. Restore vintage tub surface to like new condition.

Is Bathtub Refinishing worth it?
Pro answer is YES! But really the honest answer is, it depends. Why? Because each person has different needs, values, budgets and expectations.

Maintenance and Care Instructions after Tub Refinishing
After your tub refinishing is complete, here’s the Top 10 Care and Maintenance Tips for keeping your new surface looking great.

Tub Surround Refinishing
A bathtub surround provides a smooth, even surface for the walls around your tub or tub/shower. They come in many styles, materials, and colors. When your tub and surround has seen better days it’s time to choose between buying a new one and refinishing what you already own.


Surface Renew Van with Bob and Ryan in Arkansas

Bathroom Countertop & Vanity Refinishing Service
Countertop and bathroom sink vanity refinishing service in Little Rock AR. Don’t replace, repair and refinish! Save over 70% of replacement.

Bathtub Walk In Tub Insert
The Clean Cut low-step walk in tub insert for walk in shower adds step in and walk through accessibility to your existing bathtub. With the Clean Cut Walk in Tub Insert, we can transform your traditional bathtub into a walk-in shower in just a few hours. It’s a quick and affordable solution that can save you thousands of dollars compared to a full bathroom remodel.

Caulking Service for Sinks, Tubs, Showers, and Tile
Our caulking service provides a watertight seal between countertops, tubs, sinks, and shower seams. We have years of experience in removing old, worn caulk and replacing it with a fresh layer. Our specialists are knowledgeable on the types of caulk that are most effective in different areas of your home and can make sure that the job is done correctly.

Color Chart
Surface Renew Premium Color Chart allows you to have your tub ANY color that is available on the Sherwin Williams color chart.

Commercial Services
Commercial services info page for Property Managers, Airbnb, Hotels, Schools, etc. Any business that wants to refresh instead of replace. Fast professional service that is reliable and affordable.

Concrete Polishing & Staining
Services include removing and old flooring surface, then doing cleaning, repairs and prepping. Then polishing and/or staining concrete to a deep shiny luster.

Cracked Fiberglass Tub Repair
Fiberglass tub repair and refinishing is an excellent option over replacement. Saves you over 70% and it looks like new again.

Kitchen Countertop Refinishing
All about our kitchen countertop refinishing service along with two case studies and a couple reviews of our work. Plus the Top 5 Benefits of why refinishing is better than replacing.

One Day Bathroom Remodel Service
Imagine having the bathroom remodel of your dreams done to perfection in less than one day and for ¼ or less the price of a full remodel.

Property Managers and Hotels
Tile refinishing service for property managers and hotels. Renovate and fill vacancies faster with high quality kitchen and bathroom tile refinishing. With results that make your tiles look new, you can transform your kitchen and bathroom spaces with minimal hassle and maximum impact.

Repair & Resurface Bathtub, Sink and Tile
Video about Surface Renew services of tub, sink, countertop and tile repairs and resurfacing service in Arkansas.

Services Index Page
Services of Surface Renew Little Rock bathtub refinishing, tile, sink, countertop, and floor resurfacing company. Free quotes 501-920-9326.

Bathtub refinishing and tile resurfacing blog articles from Surface Renew Little Rock AR.

Photos, Videos and Images Gallery

Photos, Videos and Images Gallery

Arkansas State Capitol Marble Restoration Gallery
Arkansas State Capitol marble restoration photo gallery of Surface Renew’s natural stone and marble floor polishing service.

Bathtub Refinishing Gallery
Here’s our bathtub refinishing gallery photos of our work. Lots of before and after images. Enjoy!

Clawfoot Tub Gallery
Clawfoot tub gallery photos and images of our work. Vintage tub refinishing service in Arkansas.

Color Change Gallery Photos
Color change photo gallery of our work. You can change the color of your tile without replacing them. Color change by refinishing! This local refinishing service is fast, easy, affordable, and guaranteed.

Photo Gallery Index Page
Listing of all the photo galleries and samples of our tub, sink, and tile refinishing work. Click on the images within this page to view each gallery topic of interest.

Repairs Gallery
We can repair cracks and holes in fiberglass, and surface nicks and chips on any finish, even cast iron! See images for examples of our repair work.

Sink Refinishing Gallery
Sink refinishing gallery photos of Surface Renew sink refurbishing service. Based in Little Rock, AR, we serve central and NW Arkansas areas.

Tile Refinishing Gallery
Tile refinishing gallery photos of tile refinishing service in Little Rock along with many color change examples.

Tub Surround Refinishing Gallery Photos
Tub surround refinishing gallery photos showcasing fiberglass tub surround refinishing and refurbishing. Color change too!

Tile Refinishing, Shower, Walls, Countertops

Shower Tile Refinishing Articles

Ceramic Tile, Is it Worth Refinishing?
Ceramic tile refinishing is a much better option to replacing ceramic tile because it is both time and cost effective. It is not only more practical, but also less of a hassle than new tile and you avoid the mess of removal and replacement. Tile refinishing is also far superior to an over the counter DIY tile repair kit.

Fiberglass Shower Refinishing
Restore and revitalize your shower to avoid high cost of replacement. Fast and easy fiberglass shower refinishing service.

Revitalize Old Bathroom with Tile Refinishing
Tile refinishing is a faster and more cost effective option for bathroom remodeling. Revitalize your old bathroom in hours, not days or weeks!

Shower Tile Refinishing
People frequently ask if we can resurface wall tiles inside a shower stall. The answer is, YES, we can! Shower tile refinishing is for to restoring your shower to avoid the high cost of replacement. Includes repairs and reversing discoloration.

Tile Refinishing Looks New, Costs Less
Tile refinishing looks new for less than 80% the cost of replacing. Also known as resurfacing and reglazing, the service is complete in one day or less. Sometimes a tub, sink, or countertop has a little damage and a few trouble spots. With our chip and crack repair service we can repair those types of damages and color match our coating to the existing surface.

Sink Refinishing

Sink and Tile Refinishing Color Change Articles

Antique Farmhouse Sink Refinishing
Case study with photos of antique farmhouse sink refinishing projects we’ve completed. They went from old and broken to new looking and awesome!

Bathroom Sink Refinishing
About bathroom sink refinishing; Our process, color change, case study. Refinishing is green (Eco-friendly) and safe for you and the planet.

Kitchen Sink Refinishing Service
Kitchen sink refinishing service, porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron. Kitchen sink chip and crack repair, and kitchen sink color change service in Little Rock. Kitchen sink refinishing is a great way to upgrade your kitchen while keeping costs down. Whether you want a new look or need repairs there’s no need to remove and throw out a perfectly good sink that still works. So that’s why kitchen sink refinishing is a popular low cost alternate to high cost demolition and kitchen re-construction.

Stone Polishing and Restoration

marble countertop polishing service articles little rock ar

Marble Countertop Polishing Service
Photos of marble countertop polishing service in action. After photos show it looks brighter, deeper, and fuller than before.

Natural Stone Restoration Video
Surface Renew crew doing natural stone restoration demo on a residential home kitchen counter top.

Travertine Floor Tile Restoration
Travertine floor tile and countertop maintenance and restoration tips you need to know when taking care of your natural stone.

Travertine Tile Polishing High Gloss Shine
Case study of a home project in Chenal, AR. We cleaned, polished to high gloss and sealed all the travertine tile in the whole house: Travertine tile floors, vanity countertop, and tub surround. Took about one week to complete. Went from dull and dingy to super shiny.


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Contact Surface Renew in Little Rock AR today to set time for an over the phone estimate or an exact quote onsite. Or ask us a question. And then we’ll reply ASAP with your answer and/or your custom price quote. We’re all about great customer service!

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Arkansas Northwest Office: 479-226-0703

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