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Vanity & Bathroom Countertop Refinishing

Bathroom countertop refinishing and sink vanity refinishing service in Little Rock AR. Don’t replace when you can repair and refinish! Service saves you over 70% of the cost of replacement. You’ll also save all the time, trouble, and mess of days of construction contractors stomping through your home. Our service is fast and affordable. Takes about 4 hours to do any of the examples below.

Surfaces we refinish are:

Please note that each of the bathroom countertop refinishing examples below involve a color change. We don’t need to change the color, however this is what most clients request. We can refinish your fixtures into whatever color you want, including restoring the original color and finish texture.

Ceramic Countertop and Wall Tile Refinishing w/ Color Change

Here’s an example of a recent bathroom countertop refinishing job that we did. It was a tan colored ceramic tile. We resurfaced the countertop, wall tiles, and even the soap trays to a white color! Turned out pretty nice.

Ceramic Countertop and Wall Tile Refinishing w/ Color Change
Ceramic Countertop and Wall Tile Refinishing w/ Color Change

Bathroom Sink Vanity Refinishing w/ Crack Repair

In this example of our work, we repaired the cracks in the sink bowl then refinished the vanity sink combo. Went from a discolored off-white to a nice stone texture. Can you see any evidence of cracks or repairs in the after photo? We sure don’t!

Bathroom Sink Vanity Refinishing
Bathroom Sink Vanity Refinishing w/ Crack Repair

Bathroom Countertop, Sink, and Wall Tile Refinishing w/ Color Change

This one was a mismatch of colors and the client wanted a more modern look. But they still wanted some of the brown and none of the lavender. They were very happy with the outcome of our bathroom countertop refinishing service. Did a stone brown texture on the tiles, with white sink and soap tray.

Bathroom Countertop Refinishing Service for Ceramic Tile Color Change
Bathroom Countertop, Sink, and Wall Tile Refinishing w/ Color Change

Vanity and Bathroom Sink Refinishing to Stone Finish

Here’s another bathroom sink vanity project that we did. It was an old pepto-bismo pink that they wanted to update without replacement. While you can’t see it in the photos, the new color was a wonderful compliment to the new wall paint they had done in the bathroom.

Bathroom Sink Vanity Refinishing
Bathroom Sink Vanity Refinishing to Stone Finish

Bathroom Countertop & Vanity Refinishing Service

So you can see that you can change your bathroom sink vanity and countertop color from an older (and perhaps outdated) color to basic white. Or, in contrast, you can change from white to a new modern color that better matches your current home décor. You can also change to a surface that looks like a stone texture.

However, lots of homeowners like keeping white fixtures white and then accentuate using color with wall paint, towels, window coverings, and other accessories. As stated earlier, we can either change the color or refresh the original color.

Why Replace? Refinish!

Laminate Bathroom Countertop Refinishing
Laminate Bathroom Countertop Refinishing

How much does it cost to replace a bathroom vanity top? Replacing a bathroom vanity top costs $1,200 to $4,300, or about $2,300 on average. If the thought of updating your bathroom vanity excites you but the idea of a messy construction renovation gives you pause- then the perfect solution is to call Surface-Renew. Our services start as low as $395.

Don’t spend thousands replacing your bathroom countertops when you can refinish them! Our refinishing process involves the application of a very hard and durable acrylic coating to the existing counter. Bathroom countertop refinishing also works well on bathroom vanities, laminate countertops, and even ceramic tile sink vanities and counters.

Cracks and Chip Repair

Broken, stained, cracked or chipped bathroom countertops? No problem! We can repair damage and then refinish the surface. No need to replace your sink at a high cost when we can repair it at a much lower and more affordable price. This approach is perfect for home owners and property managers who want a sleek modern clean look but still desire current colors.The repairs are permanent and invisible. They are like new in appearance and texture.

Many Textures, Styles and Color Options to Choose From

Bathroom Countertop Refinishing Color Chart

You can have any color in the Sherwin Williams color chart. Also available are dozens of faux stone colors and textures. See our gallery for more color change options.


Call Surface Renew today for a chat with our bathroom countertop refinishing service team about updating your bathroom countertops with a fresh new look. If you want bathroom countertop, vanity, and sink color changes and refinishing then call us today. You can change the color of your bathroom vanity and countertops without a major renovation cost. Repair and refinish your old counters for a fresh new appealing look!

Bathroom Countertop Refinishing Service Surface Renew Van with Bob and Ryan in Arkansas

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