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Bathroom Sink Refinishing

Bathroom Sink Refinishing love your sink again.

Bathroom sink refinishing is also known as resurfacing, refurbishing, and reglazing. This is where we repair chips and cracks in sinks then apply a sleek new finish. It allows the choice of any style of new looking surface in any color scheme. Repairs and refinishing, complete with optional color changes, happen in a matter of hours.

Your guests will not notice our work and that’s a good thing. Since refinishing leaves surfaces looking like new fine porcelain or ceramic then nobody will know that it’s not a brand new sink. But it certainly will look like new!

Bathroom Sink Refinishing Process

After reading this article, call us for a price quote. Once you decide the price is right for you set a time for us to come over to your home and do the work. Our crew is safe and courteous with lots of training and experience.

They will review your work order choices with you and then start working. They will do any necessary repairs, then strip and prepare the sink’s surface. Next step is applying the new surface coating with a low pressure spray. It’s not messy but the chemical does have a scent for a few hours while it’s curing.

You new surface will be ready to use about 24 hours after they finish. When done working they clean up and leave your bathroom as they found it; except for the new looking sink. It’s really that easy!

Bathroom Sink Color

Sink Refinishing Color Change Before and After

If you want to keep your existing color then because we can do that for you. But if you want to change the color we can do that too. There are lots of color options to choose from, See our color gallery for examples. And check out our color palette page too.

In the photos above there’s an example of a red sink with brown wall tile and yellow counter tiles. We did a color change to all white per customer request. Looks like it skipped a couple generations from the 1970’s up to modern 2020’s.

Case Study: Repair Cracks in Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink Refinishing repair cracks and resurface.

A home owner who was looking to sell her home in Little Rock, AR was having concerns about the damage to her combination sink/countertop in the master bathroom. It was looking very bad and negatively affecting the overall feel of the room.

So she began checking with contractors for pricing on replacing the sink. She found the cost of replacement was shockingly high in the $1500 range; far outside her budget. She did not want to spend that much money to get ready to sell her home but still wanted the bathroom appearance to really “pop” for potential buyers. Plus there was a timing issue too. The listing agent was ready to go now but the sink replacement would take weeks.

So that’s when she found us. After a quick phone consult and price quote we agreed on $395 and one day service.

She removed the faucets since she was planning to replace them anyway. Surface Renew did the crack repair and the refinishing. The entire process only took about 2 hours and was ready to use the next day. She was so happy that it looked like brand new and for a fraction of the cost and time!

She saved about 70% over the replacement quote she got from another contractor. And she changed the worn appearance of her old sink to a new modern look, which she felt would really help with sale of the home.

For another example, here’s another client who left a bathroom makeover review of our service on Yelp. We did refinishing of her tub and bathroom sink vanity. She’s happy with our fast professional service, the price was within her budget, and she’s happy with how it looks after the service.

Resurfacing is Green (Good for the Planet)

savelove the trees sink refinishing go green eco-friendly

Refinishing and resurfacing is both economical and responsible. Did you know that refinishing bathtubs, tile, showers, sinks, vanities, and countertops is very “green”? That’s because it’s good for the environment. And also it’s great for your bottom line because of the affordable low cost.

Restoring a bathtub, or any of the surfaces mentioned, takes just a couple of hours. And then you’ll enjoy a fresh new surface appearance with clean vibrant colors. All without the need for costly demolition and replacement. And you’re not adding more debris to landfills!

Choosing resurfacing and refinishing over replacement is green and helps the earth. Putting less construction waste into landfills is a good idea. Resurfacing tile is economical and good for the planet. Why throw away fixtures when you can restore them to like new appearance? And for a fraction of the cost too!


Ready for a bathroom sink refinishing price quote? Then call us today.

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See our photo gallery for examples of our work. You can expect the same high quality results for your projects as well.

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