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Commercial Services

Surface Renew Van with Bob and Ryan in Arkansas

Commercial services for Property Managers, Airbnb, Hotels, Schools, etc. Any business that wants to refresh instead of replace. Fast service. Tile refinishing is the best low cost solution for those wishing to renovate or maintain a rental dwelling. It’s no longer necessary to remove sinks, bathtubs, or vanities when renovating kitchens and bathrooms.

Refinishing is fast and effective. It looks like new without the high cost and long down time of construction. Our commercial services take one day or less. Repairing stained tubs, cracks and other damage, along with chipped tiles is fast and easy with refinishing (AKA reglazing, resurfacing). Even color changes without replacement! Since you want your guests and renters to have a modernize bathroom then we are happy to provide it.

Additionally, your general housekeeping staff works faster because your newly refinished surfaces are less porous and easier to clean.

We service various commercial accounts such as apartment buildings, property managers, independent rental owners, Airbnb providers, hotels, motels, schools, and government buildings. Since we understand the different needs of residential vs. commercial clients we custom tailor our services to meet your specific commercial needs. For example, check out our marble polishing work at the Arkansas State Capitol.

Property Managers

Commercial Services for Property Managers from Surface Renew in Little Rock AR.

With commercial services, for example bathtub reglazing instead of replacement, we can save you as much as 80% in remodeling costs; which leaves you with money you can use for other aspects of your maintenance budget. Bathtub reglazing generally takes 4 hours to finish. We can repair and refinish ceramic, porcelain, cultured marble, and acrylic surfaces. Our caulking service provides a watertight seal between countertops, tubs, sinks, and shower seams. We make sure that the job is done correctly. All so your rental unit can be ready to occupy as soon as the day after service.

Private Rental Property Owners and Airbnb Providers

Commercial services create happy renters waking into their new home.
Commercial services create happy renters.

Attract higher quality renters while saving time and money with tile, sink, countertop, and tub refinishing commercial services in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Save Time
The Surface Renew team will you save time in how long repairs and resurfacing of kitchen and bathtub surfaces. Your down-time for each apartment can be shortened to a fraction of the time when you refinish rather than replace.

Save Money
Repairs and replacements can be huge investments. So we provide a combination of low cost options for your property that deliver a fresh and current appearance. All without needing to replace entire fixtures or surfaces. Resurfacing saves you up to 80% less than the cost of full replacement, both in time and money.

Fill Vacancies Faster
Refinishing tile, sinks, counter tops, showers, and bathtubs take about one day or less. Replacing all those item could takes weeks or longer! So you can put paying tenants in those vacancies faster because our refinishing service is faster than shopping for replacement fixtures, hiring tile layers, construction contractors, and plumbers.

Higher Quality Renter
After updating the kitchen and bathrooms you may attract renters who care more about quality than price. People like this are more likely to care more about their living space. This helps reduce future renovation costs. You might also make more money by charging higher rent because of the beautiful new renovations to your property.

Hotels and Motels

Hotel Floor Polishing Surface Renew
Hotel Floor Polishing Commercial Service

Readying more rooms for new guests in a shorter amount of time is important; both from a customer service standpoint and overall profit potential. So you will find that the resurfacing experience of our team helps you have minimal downtime in-between guests. In as little as 4 hours we can refinish and seal all the surfaces in a bathroom or kitchenette area. So that means a faster turn-around for your hotel rooms ready for your guest’s stay.

The ambiance and aesthetics of your rooms factor into the amount you can charge. Guests love a clean and new look to where they are staying. So smart hotel managers know that their rooms have to look top notch with current colors and style trends. Therefore, updating your hotel’s bathrooms, showers, tubs, and kitchenette counter tops makes sense! Hotel entry and common walkways are important as well. Always keep them looking their best with our concrete and natural stone floor -polishing service.

The team at Surface Renew works with hotel owners and managers in Arkansas. We understand how important it is to provide you easy solutions to making your rooms and common areas look great.


Shower and Sink Refinishing Commercial Services for Schools
Shower and Sink Refinishing Commercial Services for Schools

Places of higher learning love us! And we love them too. Because when we save them so much money they can put those savings back into our kid’s future. We work with public and private schools of all grades, including college.

Kids tend to be hard on bathrooms and gymnasium showers so high schools benefit from our repairs and restoration service, especially during the summer break. College dorms are another great place for schools to save money on rehabs in between school years and new tenants.


Arkansas State Capitol building
Arkansas State Capitol Building; photo courtesy Wikipedia

Working for the city and state government is rewarding. As a veteran owned business we employ many former military and other government workers. So being able to give back and work our craft for the people is a wonderful feeling.

Here’s an example of marble restoration we did in 2021 at the Arkansas State Capitol building in Little Rock. We polished all the marble surfaces and moved marble walls back to their historical location from 1902. This is phases 1 and 2 of the restoration of the treasurer’s office.

Arkansas State Capitol Marble Restoration by Surface Renew 1
Commercial services, marble pillar polishing and restoration.
Arkansas State Capitol Marble Restoration by Surface Renew 3
Marble wall repair and polishing.
Commercial services for Arkansas State Capitol doing marble floor polishing and restoration.
Commercial services for Arkansas State Capitol marble floor polishing and restoration.

See more images in our Arkansas State Capitol Marble Restoration gallery.

Commercial Services Price Quote

Free quotes upon request over the phone for small projects and simple “normal” services. For larger more complex projects we offer free onsite price quotes. You may also request a project consultation if you’re not entirely certain about what you want or need vs. what’s available. We’re happy to help guide you through the maze of affordable possibilities.


Contact Surface Renew in Little Rock AR today to set time for a price quote on commercial services. Or ask us a question and we’ll reply ASAP. We’re all about great customer service!

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