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Concrete Polishing Gallery

Concrete polishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of finished flooring surfaces. This fact is due both to its resilience and the ability to create a wide variety of decorative finishes. Whether coloring, diamond polishing, concrete staining, or decorative scoring, concrete polishing will really make your concrete surfaces stand out. Enjoy our concrete polishing gallery images below.

Concrete Polishing Services

  • Diamond Polished Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Staining
  • Color/Seal Concrete Floors
  • Floor Prep (Old surface removal, cleaning, prepping)
  • MicroFinish Overlays
  • Epoxies
  • Decorative Scoring
  • Crack/Chip/Hole Repair
  • Densification (surface hardening)
  • Interior and Exterior Concrete Polishing
  • Commercial, Residential & Industrial
  • Periodic Maintenance

Diamond Concrete Polishing

Diamond Concrete Polishing Little Rock AR

The twenty year old concrete slab in the photos above just got a make over. There was carpet and glue that had to be removed, before we made it shine. This is a great example of what could be hiding under your carpet or tile. Diamond polished concrete at its finest!

In order to achieve a diamond polished concrete floor, it takes a combination of mechanical grinding, proper diamond abrasives and chemical treatments. Proper grinding is the key to a successfully polished concrete floor. However, chemical treatment is the key to longevity & protection. It takes a hefty setup to take on polished concrete. We’ve spent years researching and investing to be fully capable of executing jobs of any size. There is no job too small or too large.

In addition to proper mechanical grinding, chemical treatments offer increased abrasion resistance, harden the surface and seal it greatly increasing it’s durability against any setting. We are certified & use a wide variety of companies who offer great concrete treatment products.

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