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Concrete Polishing & Staining

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Concrete is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of finished flooring surfaces due both to its resilience and the ability to create a wide variety of decorative finishes. This includes coloring, concrete polishing, concrete staining, and decorative scoring to really make your concrete surfaces stand out.

In 2018 we acquired Premier Polishing Systems. This company merger enables us to offer our customers a great flooring alternative: diamond polished concrete and stained concrete. Surface Renew is dedicated to staying on the leading edge of technology, equipment, tooling, and chemicals to ensure we keep up with the rapidly growing industry. Our commitment to quality, professionalism and job site execution is matched by none.

List of Concrete Polishing Services:

  • Diamond Polished Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Staining
  • Color/Seal Concrete Floors
  • Floor Prep (Old surface removal, cleaning, prepping)
  • MicroFinish Overlays
  • Epoxies
  • Decorative Scoring
  • Crack/Chip/Hole Repair
  • Densification (surface hardening)
  • Interior and Exterior Concrete Polishing
  • Commercial, Residential & Industrial
  • Periodic Maintenance

Other Concrete Polishing Services

Logos: The advances in technique and technology allow us almost limitless possibilities for graphics and design. Create your own custom look or let us help you design an appearance that is right for you. Use it to brand your business and stand out. Or to show your team spirit in your favorite sports venue.

Colored borders: These are a great way to hide the divots and chips that are left when carpet is removed from concrete. Plus, it can be a great way to add color!

Saw cut designs: These can be done along with a colored border or as a stand-alone feature to add some character to an area.

Joint Fill: Concrete MUST have expansion joints, but they do NOT have to be a large gap that is a trip and fall hazard. We can fill joints with an expandable filler in a color that complements your flooring.

About Concrete Polishing

Time lapse video shows our crew removing and old flooring surface, then doing cleaning, repairs and prepping. Then polishing concrete to a deep shiny luster.

In order to achieve a diamond polished concrete floor, it takes a combination of mechanical grinding, proper diamond abrasives and chemical treatments. Proper grinding is the key to a successfully polished concrete floor. However, chemical treatment is the key to longevity & protection. It takes a hefty setup to take on polished concrete. We’ve spent years researching and investing to be fully capable of executing jobs of any size. There is no job too small or too large.

In addition to proper mechanical grinding, chemical treatments offer increased abrasion resistance, harden the surface and seal it greatly increasing it’s durability against any setting. We are certified & use a wide variety of companies who offer great concrete treatment products.

Diamond polished concrete is NOT the same as the traditional “stain & rolled seal” method for finishing a concrete floor. As the name implies, concrete polishing Little Rock uses diamond impregnated polishing pucks to make a concrete floor look great, resist stains from spills, require less maintenance, and last longer.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing Little Rock AR Surface Renew

  • Attractive – Its depth and shiny appearance are very attractive to customers, staff, and visitors. So therefore happy people are productive people. Happy customers stay longer and become frequent buyers. And for home applications your overall enjoyment is everything! Also your guests and visitors will partake in the enjoyment of your flooring upgrade.
  • Durable – Polished concrete flooring is extremely strong and resilient and is able to hold up under very heavy foot, machinery and equipment traffic. Polished concrete is long-lasting and incredibly tough, difficult to damage, chip or scratch. It’s also easy to maintain at a low cost.
  • Hypoallergenic – Having a hypoallergenic floor means allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria or moisture won’t collect or grow on your floors. With proper regular maintenance cleaning, the smooth surface eliminates the transfer of these pathogens into the environment.
  • Green – Polished concrete floors are popular due to their high-gloss finish and also their environmentally friendly “green” nature. Common floor coverings, such as carpet and vinyl laminate do not hold up well over time in high traffic areas. Removal and replacement are costly and clog landfills. While concrete is a better option because it is recyclable after it’s very long lifespan.

Below are some of the most common types of buildings that benefit greatly from having concrete flooring. It is not a complete list; however it shows what’s available in polished concrete flooring options.

Retail Stores

Concrete Polishing Roadrunner Convenience Store Before After

Retail stores see a lot of daily foot traffic. The amount of customers that come through a retail store requires a flooring surface that can handle such daily wear and tear. Of all the flooring materials retail stores can choose from, there’s not a better material to use than polished concrete.

Not too long ago most retail stores had tile floors (either peel and stick square tiles, linoleum, or sheet vinyl). As that wears it looks terrible! Divots and gouges become missing chunks. And the resulting discoloration from wear and age is visually unappealing to customers.

So we can remove all that old surface flooring and then clean and polish the concrete beneath. This gives customers a visually appealing look as they enjoy the sleek, clean, and modern appearance.

Polished concrete offers more durability and longevity than bare concrete alone. It is also considerably stronger than typical flooring materials such as tile, vinyl, and carpeting. Concrete has an exceptionally long lifespan. The exact lifespan of a polished concrete floor is difficult to determine, as the environment and demands of each retail store are different. On average, you can expect a polished concrete floor to last around 20 years or longer in a retail store with moderate traffic.

Restaurants and Bars

Diamond polishing and staining your concrete floors makes it easy for them to be shiny and new looking each day as you open your business. A clean shiny floor makes a great first impression on potential customers that come into your store office or salon. Restaurants report that they can keep their floors looking sharp much easier with diamond polished concrete.

In bars and restaurants where staff is dealing with many spills and grease issues, diamond polishing and concrete staining creates a much easier to clean surface that those spills and grease contaminants are not able to get down into your flooring.

Professional Offices

Polished concrete professional office floors are sleek and modern. When inside an office building polished concrete floors create a high level of sophistication that is attractive both to clients and staff. Additionally it will outlast virtually any other flooring option. Polished concrete floor finishes are a beautiful addition that coordinates well with various types of office furniture and décor.

In an office setting, stained concrete flooring can offer a bright colorful setting that can easily be cleaned each day. Small stains and spills are easy to clean and do not penetrate down into the pores or grout lines of flooring such is the case with tile or laminates. Your flooring remains great without having to come in weekly or more with wax in polishing to get your floors shiny and clean.

Warehouses/Industrial Facilities

Concrete Polishing Commercial Industrial Arkansas Surface Renew
Concrete Polishing Commercial Industrial

Manufacturing plants and industrial workshops often have very large facilities. It is simply cost prohibitive to do a 7 step diamond grind & densification (harden & dust-proof) to produce a low maintenance, easy to clean & work-on surface.

We feature a “hybrid” process, that reduces cost yet does so much more than just densify. Since it is our goal to work with your specific needs and budget we help you find the best affordable solution for your concrete flooring needs. Each and every situation is unique and each and every customer has different needs. We don’t want to slap a label on a process and say “here you go,” rather we want to work with you, understand your needs and customize a solution that is just right.

For industrial applications, our diamond concrete polishing process to hardens your floors and prevents efflorescence; which is the giving off of dust through the concrete surface. By polishing your concrete flooring using a diamond process the top surface is hardened an both chemically and mechanically sealed so that white powdery dust cannot come up through the slab and get into the air.

Schools and Government Buildings

Carpet Glue Removal Polished Concrete Service Little Rock

The typical school or government building has a lot of foot traffic. And so that means there’s the potential for plenty of dirt and grime compounding on a daily basis. Other flooring options such as carpet can trap dirt and moisture resulting in bacteria growth which can lead to horrible odors and stains. Carpet also traps dust and debris that can lead to an increase of allergens inside the structure. Tile or wood flooring has their own downfalls in a high traffic setting, particularly as they can be prone to scratching, chipping, or breaking.

Unlike carpet, polished concrete floors will not trap allergens, dirt, or debris and they’re incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Most janitors love the ease of maintenance in simply mopping a floor. Daily sweeping to prevent dirt or debris from building up on the floor’s surface is generally all that’s required in day-to-day maintenance. A regular routine of mopping the floors with a gentle cleaning solution will keep them looking shiny and new for years.

Residential Homes

concrete polishing little rock living room

You can use our process in a residential setting as well. For example, have you considered a polished concrete floor in your living room? Simple, elegant, and durable. Stained concrete is perfect for your home’s entryway, kids play area, basement or living room. With the addition of color through concrete staining, the upgrade improvement can complement your decor and create a custom look in your home. The great part is that using our process of stained concrete floors in your home makes them virtually maintenance free. What this means for the homeowner is simply dust mopping or using water in a gentle cleaner to get up any stains and spills on the floor.

Polished concrete flooring is also breathable so there are no issues with water vapors coming up through the floor and pushing the sealer loose in spots. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Call us today at 501-920-9326 to talk to one of our concrete flooring specialists to talk about your unique situation.

Garage Floors

No longer does your garage floor have to be dull and boring! Consider diamond polished concrete not just for looks but extreme durability and ease of maintenance. Did you know up to 50% of the dust in your garage comes from the concrete itself? Our process and treatments stop this reducing the amount of dust your garage is exposed too. Call today for more information or to receive a no-cost, no-obligation quote.

About Concrete Staining

Surface Renew has numerous concrete stain color options for you. The great thing about our diamond concrete polishing process is that when we stain your concrete floor we are putting the color into your floor and not using a topical sealer such as wax. We are mechanically and chemically changing the surface of your floor to make it naturally shiny, durable, and easy to maintain. What this means for your daily maintenance is that you can eliminate the once or twice weekly visits to wax and polish your floors only to have them be scuffed in scratched a day later.

Our process provides a flooring surface that is more than 10 times tougher than what a mop on sealer provides. And in contrast to monthly cleaning and waxing, polished and/or stained concrete requires deep maintenance as little as once per year. All that is usually required with our stained concrete flooring is simply a dust mop or gentle cleaning with a neutral pH cleaner each day.

Why is our concrete staining service better than a traditional “stain and seal” method?


Our method of polishing the stain INTO the concrete slab (as opposed to ONTO) is the best flooring option available. A sealer is a topical coating meant to be a “sacrificial” layer on top of your floor. This means by its very design the sealer is intended to be worn away. Etching the slab allows the color to penetrate INTO the slab. Therefore is not sitting on your floor to be worn away by foot traffic or cleaning.

Lower Maintenance:

A traditional stain and seal job is going to require regular maintenance if you plan on having regular traffic. The “faux shine” as we like to call it is easily scratched. So keeping the floor looking good requires regular applications of new wax. This quickly becomes an endless maintenance cycle and the expenses add up over time.

Scratch and Stain Resistance:

Concrete staining is 10x more scratch and stain resistant than the stain and roll seal approach. This means that your high traffic areas won’t quickly show traffic wear patterns and loss of color as they do with stain and roll.

Longest Lifespan:

Hands down the longest flooring life cycle is the stained concrete diamond polished floor.

Lowest Life Cycle Cost:

Our method of diamond polishing your stained concrete floor is not only the longest lasting, but also the most cost effective over the life your floor surface. You ‘ll enjoy an amazing one of a kind floor that’s fast and easy to maintain.

Ultimate Green Solution:

The easiest way to minimize dumping into our landfills and not add chemical VOCs to our air is not produce either of these. There is no carpet or tile to replace and throw away. With stained concrete, the slab IS your floor! And for clean air, no nasty reapplications of high VOC sealers that can leave an undesirable chemical smell in the air for days.

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