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Surface Renew FAQ

Bathtub Refinishing FAQ

Q. Is bathtub refinishing a durable solution?

Absolutely! When done by professionals using high-quality materials, bathtub refinishing can provide a durable and long-lasting solution. The new finish is designed to withstand daily use, chemicals, and water exposure.

Q. Is bathtub refinishing only for certain types of bathtubs?

Bathtub refinishing can be done on a variety of materials, including porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, and even cast iron. Professional refinishing services are typically versatile enough to work with different bathtub types.

Q. Is there a difference between bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing?

No. Bathtub refinishing, bathtub reglazing, tile refinishing or tile reglazing all describe the same process of applying a new finish over a hard surface. Do not confuse this with applying new porcelain. Porcelain can only be baked-on in a kiln (oven).

Q. How much will I save with bathtub refinishing as opposed to replacement?

Refinishing your bathtub will save about 70% over bathtub replacement. While a brand new bathtub may only cost a few hundred dollars, there are other costs to replacement such as removal and disposal cost, plumbing alterations, and tile work. These costs quickly add up. And so you can easily end up spending nearly $1,000 To $2,000 to replace your bathtub.

Q. Can I do tub/sink/tile refinishing myself?

Short answer, yes. It’s your fixture and you’re free to do what you want with it. If you decide to try the rough road of DIY then be aware that your results will vary. Be prepared to learn an entirely new profession, acquire all the pro tools, spend years honing your skills as an apprentice, and then you can refinish your own fixtures and expect quality results. Find the entire DIY process here in our free Bathtub Refinishing Consumer Awareness Guide.

Q. Do you repair chips and scratches in my bathtub?

Yes, one of the benefits of bathtub refinishing is that it includes repairing chips, cracks, and other surface imperfections. The refinishing process involves fixing and leveling out any damage before applying the new finish. Surface Renew Little Rock technicians will fill in most chips or other imperfections in your bathtub or other surface prior to the refinishing process, making your damaged porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass surface look smooth. So depending upon extent of damage, additional charges may apply. Your technician will alert you if he/she sees anything that is out of the ordinary.

Q. What if my tub has been refinished before?

It is okay to refinish a tub that has prior refinishing. Surface Renew Little Rock will evaluate the condition of the existing coating. And then if necessary, strip and clean the tub to remove old coatings before we refinish it. There is an additional charge for refinishing a previously resurfaced fixture.

Q. What happens to my bathtub if I wait too long before refinishing?

  1. Deterioration: Over time, the surface of the bathtub may continue to deteriorate due to wear and tear, exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, and constant water contact. This can lead to the accumulation of stains, discoloration, and the appearance of cracks or chips.

  2. Decreased Functionality: As the bathtub deteriorates, its functionality may be compromised. Cracks and chips can harbor bacteria, making it difficult to clean and maintain proper hygiene. Additionally, the rough surface can become uncomfortable or even hazardous to use.
  3. Unsightly Appearance: Without refinishing, an old bathtub may become increasingly unattractive and diminish the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Stains, discoloration, and visible signs of wear can make the bathtub appear dirty and worn-out, impacting the visual appeal of the entire space.
  4. Limited Options: Neglecting to refinish an old bathtub narrows down the options for restoration. As the deterioration progresses, the chances of repairing or refinishing the tub may become more challenging or even impossible. Replacement might be the only viable solution, which can be costly and involve extensive remodeling.
  5. Hygiene Concerns: As the surface deteriorates, it becomes more difficult to clean thoroughly. The accumulation of dirt, grime, and bacteria can create an unsanitary environment and pose health risks to those using the bathtub.

In summary, an old bathtub that does not undergo refinishing will likely continue to deteriorate, compromising its functionality, appearance, and hygiene. It is essential to consider refinishing or exploring restoration options to prolong the life of the bathtub and maintain a comfortable and visually pleasing bathing experience.

Refinishing Process FAQ

Surface Renew Refinishing Bathtub Blue to White FAQ page.

Refinishing Tub Blue to White

Q. How long does the bathtub refinishing process take?

The time frame for bathtub refinishing can vary depending on the size of the tub and the complexity of the project. Generally, the process can be completed within a day or two, allowing you to enjoy your newly refinished bathtub quickly. Our refinishing process typically only takes 3 – 5 hours to complete for most standard size tubs. Your bathtub will usually be ready to use within another 10 hours after that. Why wait days or even weeks for a contractor to replace your bathtub when you can get the same results in less than 1 day!

Q. How long will my bathtub last?

The durability of a bathtub refinished by Surface Renew is very similar to that of most new tubs available now. If properly maintained and you avoid abrasive chemicals for cleaning then it will last you many years just like a brand new bathtub will. As a general rule figure on 10 to 15 years in a residential setting with normal every day use.

Q. How do I care for and clean my refinished bathtub?

Upon completion of residential tubs, we leave homeowners with a Care Instruction Sheet that tells homeowners how to clean and care for their newly refinished tub. Refinished bathtubs are often easier to clean than the original product. As a general rule use mild non-abrasive cleaning products. Because just like with a new bathtub, abrasive cleaners can dull the finish or shine. Here are some best practices for cleaning and maintaining a refinished bathtub:

  1. Use Gentle Cleaners: Avoid harsh, abrasive, or acidic cleaners, as they can damage the refinished surface. Stick to mild, non-abrasive, non-ammonia, and non-bleach cleaners. Some recommended options include dish soap, white vinegar diluted with water, or mild bathroom cleaners specifically designed for refinished surfaces.
  2. Avoid Scrubbing with Abrasive Tools: Do not use abrasive sponges or scrub brushes on the refinished surface, as they can scratch or wear away the finish. Instead, use soft cloths or non-abrasive sponges for cleaning.
  3. Promptly Clean Stains and Spills: Clean up any spills or stains as soon as possible to prevent them from setting and becoming more challenging to remove.
  4. Avoid Heavy Impact: Refinished surfaces can be durable but are not as resilient as the original materials. Avoid dropping heavy objects or applying excessive force to prevent chipping or damaging the finish.
  5. Use Bathmats or Non-Slip Mats: Place a non-abrasive bathmat or non-slip mat inside the bathtub to protect the finish and prevent accidents.
  6. Avoid Bathing Pets with Sharp Claws: If you have pets, avoid bathing them in the refinished bathtub, as their claws can potentially damage the surface.
  7. Rinse Thoroughly: After cleaning, make sure to rinse the bathtub thoroughly with water to remove any cleaning residue.
  8. Do Not Use Drain Cleaners: Avoid using strong chemical drain cleaners, as they can be damaging to the refinished surface. Instead, use alternative methods like a plunger or a drain snake.
  9. Regular Maintenance: Periodically inspect the bathtub for any signs of wear or damage. Address any minor issues promptly to prevent them from becoming more significant problems.

Q. Will it smell while you are refinishing my tub?

Surface Renew Little Rock workers come equipped with full ventilation systems for occupied units to exhaust fumes that do naturally occur with the use of solvents. Although you may notice some odor while we we are working, this typically goes away within a few hours.

Plumbing FAQ

Q. Do You Change Any of The Plumbing Fixtures?

Not necessarily. It depends on their condition and style. Although we do highly recommend installing a new bathtub drain trim ring cover during bathtub refinishing. We can provide this service for you. Since our coating needs to stay completely dry for at least 10 hrs to properly cure, repair all plumbing problems such as leaks, broken fixtures, etc. before we begin your tub refinishing process.

Kitchen FAQ

Kitchen Counter Resurfacing Before and After Surface Renew AR

Q. Will refinishing work on my kitchen counter tops?

Our refinishing process works on a variety of counter top surfaces, including laminates, Formica, tile, and cultured marble. It also saves you money; so with our Stone-Finish, stone look system, you can have that natural stone look for a fraction of the cost of actual stone! Click here for color chart.

Warranty & Guarantee

Q. Does Surface Renew, Inc. offer a warranty or guarantee?

Surface Renew offers an industry leading 3 year warranty for residential work and 1 year for commercial services. Many refinishing companies offer warranties which are pro-rated, meaning that the warranty’s coverage decreases incrementally over time. Unlike these warranties, our guarantee covers 100% of any defects in workmanship or materials throughout the entire life of the guarantee. See our warranty and guarantee page here.

Company FAQ

Surface Renew Van with Bob and Ryan in Arkansas

Bob and Ryan with Surface Renew Van

Q. What makes the Surface Renew, Inc. different from other refinishing companies?

  1. The team at Surface Renew does NOT use miracle primers. A growing number of companies are cutting costs and reducing the time it takes to refinish by using a low quality thin primer. They apply this primer by wiping it on with a dirty rag. On ALL our projects we use a spray on primed with a modified epoxy because that bonds better, is tougher, and is the proven method for longevity and durability for years.
  2. All ceramic and porcelain surfaces are etched; this is a process that cleans the surface AND prepares it with microscopic pores that our finish can get INTO the original surface and bond with it instead of sitting on top. This takes an extra 20 to 30 minutes. Other companies often skip this part. Our reputation is only as good as our work and customer service. We believe in delivering the best and most complete service each and every time.
  3. The topcoat that is part of our standard resurfacing process. We trust the topcoat chemical manufacturing company for their consistency in producing a high quality product. It has the additives in it to enable it to stand up to oils and dirt for long lasting durability. Many companies save money by purchasing a car paint locally. This will look very similar when put on but lacks the essential additives to withstand the wears bathroom and kitchen fixtures face.
  4. On kitchen counter tops and bath vanities, we use a revolutionary cross linking sealer to apply our stone-look finishes. Cross linking enables us to mix the sealer with the stone color so that the sealer is all the way through the color. All other companies put the color on and then spray a sealer on top of the color.

Q.What should I do to prepare before your arrival?

  • Fix any water leaks from your tub’s faucet.
  • Remove your personal items from the bathroom.
  • Remove shower curtains from the bathroom.
  • Identify a window or door within 25 feet that opens and the screen removed so our exhaust hose can vent outdoors.
  • We always appreciate a clean bathroom; and we will leave it just as clean.
  • A clear work space near the bathroom in the hallway. If you remove anything from the bathroom please do not place it directly outside the bathroom but rather off to the side or into another room. Our technicians need the space outside the bathroom to setup their equipment.
  • Please no other construction or cleaning services happening while we are refinishing. Since we are spraying a wet epoxy onto a newly cleaned and prepped surface we require a dust free environment for best results.
  • We need about 12″ of clearance all around the area that is being refinished. If you have a bath vanity or toilet closer than that, consider removing it prior to our appointment so we can refinish behind or alongside it.
  • If you are refinishing all your tile walls around the whole bathroom, it’s best to remove all cabinets, mirrors, and toilet tank so we can spray behind them. But you can leave the toilet base attached unless you are planning on replacing it.
  • Be sure that all other work that you are planning in the bathroom is complete before we come over. Like tile and plumbing work. It’s a great time to replace your drain and overflow if needed. So then be sure to look at our drain cover that we can install for you.
  • New painting, wallpaper, carpet and showers doors should wait until after refinishing is complete and has time to fully cure. Damage may occur while working around a newly resurfaced bathtub with tools, ladders, spills, etc. Always protect your bathroom fixtures with padding, while working around them.
  • Be sure there is electricity and water available because we will need that for our prep work.
  • In colder months, the house MUST be at a minimum of 65 degrees the day before and after refinishing.
  • Please confine your pets until our technician has completed the work.

Q. Do I or my pets need to leave my home during the bathtub refinishing process?

This is an individual preference choice. We use Fume Exhausts and HVLP spray systems to both minimize over-spray and remove as many fumes as possible. There will be some residual odor for a few hours. So therefore we recommend airing out the home for a bit to clear the air after we leave. If you or a family member suffer from sensitivities to solvent smells, such as, finger nail polish remover, then it may be best to leave the house for a awhile until the smell and fumes clear. Parrots and certain other birds are very sensitive so you should remove them from the immediate area.

Q. I notice small specs of dust on the surface. Is this natural?

Yes. While we take every precaution in cleaning the environment we’re working in, it is impossible to prevent some dust from settling onto the wet surface. However, if you follow the normal recommended cleaning most of this dust will dissipate in a few weeks. Do not try and pick the dust with your fingers! Doing so can damage the finish and will void your warranty.

Q. What do I do after your technician leaves?

  1. The surface must remain dry until cured. This is 10 hrs after completion for any solid color and 24 hours for Stone Finishes.
  2. Remove any masking tape and paper after 24 hrs.
  3. Reinstall any hardware such as drains, faucets, handles, etc. after surface has cured.
  4. Caulking must be re-applied after the drying period.
  5. You must never use bathmats with suction cups! Any suction cups can damage the finish.
  6. When cleaning, use only a non-abrasive cleaner. Remove cleaner thoroughly after use. We recommend Simple Green diluted 50% and cleaned with a sponge. Do not use cleaners with bleach.
  7. Do not store soaps, shampoo, bath oil, shaving cream, etc on bathtub or rim. Chemicals in these products can damage the finish over time. A hanging shower caddy will work great keeping items off the surface and away from the finish.
  8. Repair any leaky faucets at once. Dripping water will cause premature wear and rust around drain.
  9. Take care pouring any liquid drain opener directly into drain making sure not to spill any on the finished surface.
  10. Most surface dust will dissipate in 3-4 weeks with normal cleaning and usage.
  11. See our link to Care Instruction Sheet for more info.

Q. What if I’m not able to complete the after care instructions?

No Problem! Call us and we can send a technician out to get your tub ready for you. Our typical charge for this is $50 per job area and includes our caulking service along the tub or sink. It’s also a great time to consider our bathtub drain trim ring and cover to give your tub a “finished” look!

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