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Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth it?

Is bathtub resurfacing worth it?

Redo bathtub: Is Bathtub Refinishing worth it? My first professional answer is, YES! But that’s the business owner side of me. On the personal side, my honest answer is, it depends. Why? Because each person has different needs, values, budgets for home repairs, and expectations.

Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth it?

Below are the Top 5 areas you need to consider when asking yourself the question is bathtub refinishing worth it. Understanding these topics will help you determine whether it’s worth it to you or not. Since everyone’s wants and needs are different we’ve put together this simple checklist.


What to you need? Low cost, fast repair, and functionality? Or maybe the other end of the spectrum: High cost, brand new, something totally different than what you have now?

If your need, using a bathtub for example, is to have a functional bath tub quick and low cost then yes, refinishing is a good way to go. However, if you’re not happy with the tub you have because you want a different shape, structure or would rather have a standalone clawfoot tub instead of standard built-in tub, then replacement is a better option for you.

Another example of a need is someone who perhaps owns rental property. Such an investor would mostly likely have a keen eye on the bottom line when it comes to making a profit on the rental. So therefore is bathtub refinishing worth it to this person? It is certainly does make sense!


Is bathtub reglazing worth it if the environment is a concern to you? Are you happy about saving the environment to redo bathtub back to looking new again, or would you rather toss it in a landfill and start over with a brand new tub? We’re not saying that throwing away old items is all bad. Just that discarding a functional item based on looks alone might be wasteful; both for environmental concerns, and for your dollar’s bottom line. Hopefully this helps you in deciding for yourself, is reglazing a bathtub worth it to you.

If you’re in the market for something new over old, then you may want to replace you old low-quality tub, sink, counters, and wall tiles. This is because you’ll typically enjoy a higher value new item more than a low quality model. Additionally, brand new higher price and higher value fixtures tend to last longer than low value fixtures.

Budget (Money)

Redo Bathtub: Is bathtub refinishing worth it?

No shame or bragging here, we’re all on a unique budget of our own design to suit our income vs. savings vs. expenses vs. investment vs. retirement plan. That’s all good stuff! So if your home improvement budget is on the lean side ($1,500 or less) then bathtub refinishing is a great option for you. If you’re looking for a bigger budget option such as bathroom remodeling with a general contractor ($5,000 or more) then go for it.

So if you’re remodeling and want a larger tub or one with more modern features, such as jets, you’ll need to replace the bathtub instead of refinishing it.

Budget (Time)

You know, you can combine remodeling with tub and tile refinishing. For example, hire a contractor to replace cabinets, plumbing, flooring, and maybe even move a wall. Then call us in to refinish the existing fixtures that you’d like to keep. This saves you lots of money on those items. It also saves you construction time and hassles because refinishing takes half a day whereas construction takes weeks or months to complete!


Keep in mind that refinishing a tub is sort of like painting a car. It’s the same car under the hood but after refurbishing it now has recent repairs and a new looking surface. So it’s going to still be the same shape and style you started with. But it will look like new. Either in the original color or any new color you want, just like your car’s new paint job.

Since refinishing a bathtub is a lower cost than swapping it for something new, this option saves you the time and effort involved in a larger bathroom remodeling project. Plus, it allows you to preserve an older design, such as an antique clawfoot tub. One that adds character to a bathroom but has seen better days.


Redo bathtub? Is bathtub resurfacing a good idea? Here’s where you get to make your own conclusion based on your needs, values, and budget. Hopefully this article gave you some clarity and helps you answer the question “Is bathtub refinishing worth it” for you? Only you can answer that question for yourself. Here’s our FAQ page for some more information.

Short version is yes, bathtub refinishing is worth it, as long as it meets your unique situation. See our bathtub refinishing gallery for examples of our work.

If you’d like a little more information to help you decide is bathtub refinishing worth it then call us. We’re always happy to talk about our favorite subject with a willing ear such as yours!


Bob Kennedy answers the question is bathtub refinishing worth it.
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