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Kitchen Sink Refinishing Service

Kitchen sink refinishing service Little Rock surface renew

Kitchen sink refinishing is a great way to upgrade your kitchen while keeping costs down. Another reason people change kitchen sink color is just for something new. Or maybe you are remodeling on a budget. No need to remove and throw out a perfectly good sink that still works. So that’s why kitchen sink refinishing is a popular low cost alternate to high cost demolition and kitchen re-construction.

We refinish porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron kitchen sinks.

Restore to Like New Appearance

Antique kitchen sink refinishing service Little Rock AR.

Refinish kitchen sink to like new appearance even if it’s showing scratches, pits, cracks, rust or discoloring due to wear, age or extreme use.

Kitchen Sink Repair – Cracks and Chips Okay

Broken, cracked, or chipped kitchen sink? No problem! We can fix it. No need to replace your sink at a high cost when we can repair it at a much lower and more affordable price. Our kitchen sink repair service is perfect for home owners and property managers who wish to save money on kitchen sink repairs and upgrades. We repair porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron kitchen sinks.

Kitchen Sink Color Change

Sherwin Williams Color Chart for custom kitchen sink refinishing

Whether porcelain, fiberglass, or cast iron, you have lots of colors from which to choose. In fact, every color within the Sherwin Williams color chart! See our gallery for color change options and ideas. You can change your kitchen sink color from an older (and perhaps outdated) color to basic white. Or you can change from any color to a different new color.

Call Surface Renew today for a chat with our design team about updating your kitchen sink with a fresh and new clean look. You can have a kitchen sink color change without a major kitchen sink renovation cost. Repair and reglaze your old kitchen sink for a fresh new appealing look!

Kitchen Sink Refinishing is Green Eco-Friendly

When you decide in favor of kitchen sink refinishing over replacement, then less materials end up in a landfill. In other words, think of kitchen sink resurfacing as an effective way to recycle and reuse rather than replace and throw away.

Kitchen Sink Refinishing Cost

We can make and old and worn kitchen sink look new again for only a fraction of the cost you would pay for a new kitchen sink. You can expect to save 70% or more over the cost of replacement. A kitchen sink refinishing cost can be in the range of $300-$800 depending on the size of the sinks and amount of repairs.

Contact Us

Contact Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite price quote. Or ask us a question. And then we’ll reply ASAP with your answer and/or your custom price quote. We’re all about great customer service!

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