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Proud Veteran Business Owner

Bob Kennedy Army Veteran owner Surface Renew

Surface Renew is very veteran friendly! The founder, Bob Kennedy, is a US Army veteran. As of 2019, four veterans fill key leadership and logistics positions at Surface Renew: 1 Army vet, 1 Marine vet, and 2 Air Force members.

Two important things that carry over well from the armed services to our bathtub refinishing business is,

  1. Respect, and
  2. Extreme attention to detail.

Our Arkansas bathtub refinishing process, like the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the military must be followed to a “T”, every time, all the time to achieve the best possible results.

Those military type procedures form the core backbone of our service that provides our customers with outstanding results. Learn more about Bob in his own words on video.


Sam Grey Veteran Trainer at Surface Renew
Sam Grey, Veteran Trainer

Before any of our service technicians enter your home, our MARINE veteran, Sam Gray, has put them through Surface Renew’s version of boot camp! They get an intense crash course in our chemicals, processes, procedures, and company values.

Sam personally oversees them as they train in our shop and then eventually under his close supervision on the job. There is no weekend training course that can instantly produce a quality tub refinishing technician. Like military basic training, not everyone makes it, but those who do are the best in this business!

That’s why in addition to a great refinishing process, our veteran led military style training and SOPs offer you and outstanding service experience and great results.

What is Tub Refinishing?

Basically, tub refinishing is a surface restoration method that involves repairing the surface and then spraying a new coating on top. The process rejuvenates your tub (or sink, countertop, or wall tiles) to look like new.

We prep your existing tub surface by deglossing it. This is a process that both cleans the surface thoroughly AND puts microspic “scratches” in the hard baked on finish so that our coatings achieve a chemical AND mechanical bond to the existing surface so that your refinishing job becomes a part of your tub surface and not just a covering that sits on top of your tub. This part is critical to the longevity and durability of the refinishing.

Next, we repair and imperfections such as chips and scratches before applying our silane-blended epoxy primer to the surface. You can think of this as the “glue” that holds the process together. The final step is to spray an aliphatic, acrylic urethane in your choice of color. This coating melts into the epoxy and forms a hard, shiny shell to make your tub look like new again! 10 hours later… your tub is ready to use. AMAZING!

Tub Reglazing vs. Tub Resurfacing

There is no competition because they are the same thing. Our industry has numerous, interchangeable terms. So, tub reglazing is just a different way of saying tub resurfacing.

Bathtub and tile refinishing, as well as our numerous other services, save our customers up to 90% over replacement; and most projects are complete -from start to finish- in only 1 day instead of weeks to months later!

Fast Dependable Veteran Service

Depending on the season and the circumstance we can usually fulfill your service within a week of your first call. Tub and tile refinishing is much faster and lower cost than traditional “tear out and install new” remodels. The entire serves takes one day or less. Compare that with demolition and construction installation that takes weeks, months, or even longer!

Our veteran style approach differs slightly depending upon the surface we are restoring.

For example, fiberglass must be manually de-glossed as opposed to an acid etching. If a tub (of any material) was previously refinished then our preferred approach is to chemically strip the old coating off to get to the original surface. When that’s not possible, such as with fiberglass, then we manually sand and remove the old coating. Since we want you to have the best job possible, we take these extra steps that most of our competition do not.

The tub refinishing process is very similar for resurfacing wall tiles, refinishing bath sinks, or even resurfacing kitchen countertops. This is the kind of detailed professional service you’ll enjoy when you hire a veteran to do the job right.

Other Refinishing Services

Even though this is a bathtub refinishing blog we do many other refinishing services too.


Contact Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite price quote. Or ask us a question. And then we’ll reply ASAP with your answer and/or your custom price quote. We’re all about great customer service!

Company: Surface Renew, Inc.
Arkansas Central Office: 501-920-9326
Arkansas Northwest Office: 479-226-0703

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