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Refinishing Bathroom Tile

Shower Tile Refinishing Revitalize Old Bathroom

Refinishing bathroom tile will revitalize and renew your old bathroom in mere hours!

So I was reading an article by Bob Vila titled “9 Ways to Make Your Old Bathroom New Again”. It began with, “If a trip to the bath feels more a like a trip in time to the 1960s…” That’s hilarious! Love that guy. It’s so funny because as a professional tub and tile refinishing technician I see this all the time in homes.

Time Warp

Stepping into some homes is like stepping back in time, and not in a good way. Personally I love historical homes. Antiques are awesome and deserve preservation. But in contrast, old and broken is not as nice as old and clean in good working order.

That’s why we love refurbishing antique clawfoot tubs and old farmhouse sinks. And like I said earlier, refinishing bathroom tile will revitalize and renew your old bathroom in mere hours! We can restore the original color as close as possible or we can refinish to a bright white surface. Like Bob says in his article, “Stop living in the pastel.” Check out our color chart for all the popular modern colors by Sherwin Williams that we offer you as color choices.

Refinishing Bathroom Tile

Surface Renew wall tile refinishing color change in bathroom.

Concerning floor and wall tiles, he claims, “You may be ready to break up with the decorative ceramic tiles on your bathroom floor, but retiling a bathroom can put it out of commission for several days.” This rings true. Many years ago I was in property management. To revitalize an old bathroom we had to contract lots of tear out and replacements of dated and/or worn and broken floor and wall tiles; same thing with sinks and bathtubs too.

In fact, these costly experiences are what led me to look for faster and more cost effective options for bathroom remodeling. And so that’s how I found out about tub resurfacing and refinishing bathroom tile. I hired a service to give it a try and I was blown away. The entire process took less than a day, instead of less than a week more usually a month. I liked the fast service so much that I transitioned out of property management and into tile refinishing.

Tile Refinishing for the Win

Because of my history I deeply understand the needs of property managers. And being a homeowner myself, I also understand their needs as well. What we all want and need is to save both time and money without compromising quality. Am I right? If you agree than please check further into refinishing bathroom tile. Maybe you love it as much as I do. Maybe you won’t go into business doing it, but you will love our fast, friendly, and cost effective service. I actually guarantee that!

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About Bob Kennedy, Owner and refinishing bathroom tile technician of Surface Renew Little Rock Arkansas

Bob Kennedy, Owner of Surface

So if you’re ready to revitalize your old bathroom then contact Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite estimate. Or ask us a question. And then we’ll reply ASAP with your answer and/or your custom price quote. We’re all about great customer service!

Call Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite estimate for refinishing bathroom tile surfaces that are ready for repairs or updating.

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