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Shower Tile Refinishing

Shower Tile Refinishing before and after images.

Looks Clean & New

People frequently ask if we can resurface wall tiles inside a shower stall. The answer is, YES, we can! Shower tile refinishing is for restoring your shower so that you can avoid the high cost of replacement. Tile refinishing includes repairing wear and tear, chips, cracks, and other damage.

Changing out dated colors? We sure can! And we can also resolve various other issues that are making your shower look worn, or out-dated, or be hard to keep clean. Our expert shower refinishing service will restore your old shower tile to like new appearance.

Restoring Shower Tile

Restoring a shower to like new condition takes our crew only a couple of hours. This fast service gives a fresh new appearance with clean vibrant colors of your choice, all without the need for costly demolition and replacement.

Shower refinishing allows the choice of any style of new looking surface in any color scheme. All repairs happen without disturbing the walls, flooring, plumbing or electrical within the bathroom. Choosing ceramic shower tile refinishing over tile replacement is green and helps the earth. Keeping ceramic tile and other building materials out of landfills is important for Mother Nature.

Unlike paint our shower tile refinishing covers all preexisting colors. The old color underneath will not show or bleed though. Neither will it wash off or wear thin in the future. Your shower wall tile color change is permanent! See our photo gallery for examples.

Contact our team today and set up an appointment for one of our specialists to meet with you to go over best color options for your bathrooms.


Surface Renew is the specialty tradesman of choice among home owners and property managers in Little Rock Arkansas for shower tile refinishing services. Both residential and commercial services are available. See our tile refinishing gallery for examples of our work.

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