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Tile Refinishing Looks New, Costs Less

Our tile refinishing service is great for Arkansas property managers! Fill your vacancies faster with high quality kitchen and bathroom tile refinishing; looks new but cost about 70% less than replacement.

You know replacing kitchen and bathroom components takes a long time and can be very expensive. It’s also loud, dusty, and intrusive to tenants. So a faster and cheaper option is refinishing tubs, tile, sinks, and countertops. Instead of weeks or a month of construction you can have refinishing done in 1-2 days.

Tile Refinishing Looks New, Costs Less

Tile Refinishing Looks New, Costs Less

Tile refinishing looks new for less than 80% the cost of replacing. Also known as resurfacing and reglazing, refinishing takes one day or less. Sometimes a tub, sink, or countertop has a little damage and a few trouble spots. With our chip and crack repair service we can repair those types of damages and color match our coating to the existing surface. In fact, we are the Kohler factory repair reps for the state of Arkansas.

See our tile refinishing gallery for examples of our work then contact us for a free price quote.


About Bob Kennedy, Owner of Surface Renew Little Rock Arkansas
Bob Kennedy, owner Surface Renew

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