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Travertine Floor Tile Restoration

Bob: Hey, good morning. This is Bob and Ryan with Surface Renew. We’re here this morning reviewing a recent travertine floor restoration job we did. I (Bob Kennedy) want to ask Ryan (Schatz) to start out. What are some things that you’re hearing from customers, some complaints or problems they’re having with their travertine floors that we can take care of?

Travertine Floor Tile Problems

Ryan: The number one problem that we hear from customers with travertine floors is the fact that it’s such a porous stone that stains really easy when it’s not sealed and maintained on a regular basis.

Being a porous stone, it’s a lot like Swiss cheese when it comes from the factory. They come in and they factory fill these tiles or the big slabs, which you can see as these lighter dots here. (Note: This is important as the fill reduces the porosity of the stone and help keep out debris and dirt as well as chemicals from cleaners that can get down into the stone and destroy it over time.)

Those fills will pop with normal wear, and then throughout the life of the tile every year, those need to be filled back in and sealed. But another thing you have is the scratching and scuffing from foot traffic and heavy traffic. If it’s not sealed every year or maintained, you’re going to get dirt and debris in these pores, it’s going to get dark. And if you wait too long, it’ll go too far to where we cannot restore it.

Bob: Okay, great. And that also creates problems from foot traffic with having an even shine them too?

Travertine Floor Tile Solutions

Travertine Floor Tile Polishing Service Surface Renew in Arkansas

Ryan: That’s correct. Back on this one here, this is factory honed. Some people like their floor shiny (high gloss finish). Some people like it honed (a matte finish). This recent job we just finished is about 5,000 square foot, which you can find in a previous video that we did (Travertine Tile Polishing High Shine). It was a uniform hone, finished like this, that went 20 years without any maintenance. They had sealed it, cleaned it or anything until, I mean. They probably did some mild cleaning, like from a home cleaning company, but not professional.

So, they had just spot staining everywhere. These little pieces were popping out and the customer wanted a high shine instead of a flat honed finish like this is, because they felt that it looked dirty being honed.

When you think of shiny, shiny means clean. So, they wanted their whole house polished to a high shine. (Note: Some like shiny, some like matte, it’s your personal choice. We’re okay with whatever you choose and we can buff to your satisfaction. Some people prefer the lower maintenance requirement of a honed surface. Our customers can get their floor to look the way that fits their lifestyle!)

Bob: All right. So if somebody wants to get a hold of us as having some of these problems, what number can they call?

Ryan: Call us at 501-664-8880 for a free, no obligation quote. Polished Concrete Little Rock can handle so much more than just concrete flooring. We’re your solution for travertine, marble, terrazzo, and stained concrete as well.

What Sets Us Apart?

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Service near me Arkansas

Bob: All right Ryan, we both know that there’s a lot of competition and different companies that offer these services. What sets our service apart?

Ryan: At Surface Renew, on every job we do, we offer a 100%  satisfaction guarantee. Our second thing is our lead foreman every each job we do has over 15 years of experience. And the third one is we use zero subcontractors. We never have a subcontractor in your home. Everyone is an employee of Surface Renew directly. We control the work that is to be done and communicate directly with you to ensure the project gets completed to your specifications.

Bob: And if you want to see some pictures (or more video you can visit our natural stone care website) visit for more information. We’ve talked quite a bit about travertine restoration this morning, but what else can we do in people’s homes?

Ryan: We look at all the other surfaces they have. We clean tile, we clean grout; it can be porcelain tile, ceramic tile, we can clean it as well. We do grout repair, grout maintenance, we seal grout. We also polish concrete. We do terrazzo polishing and restoration. We do any kind of marble and natural stone, like if you have white Carrara stone countertops or if you have terrazzo flooring we can polish all those things.

Bob: Great! So call us at (501) 664-8880 for more information.

— End Video Transcript —


Travertine Floor Tile Restoration with Design or Company Logo

We restore and maintain a variety of natural stone, concrete flooring, and counter tops. We also do natural stone tile leveling to reduce or eliminate lippage. (Lippage is when one tile edge is higher or lower than the adjacent tile.)

Natural stone flooring is a major investment for the owner of a home or business. Make sure you protect that investment by giving us a call so we can evaluate your surfaces and then craft a maintenance plan that best suits your needs and fits within your budget. Natural stone can look amazing for the life of your home or business as long it is properly maintained.

Another advantage of regular maintenance is that it avoids the much more costly service of stone restoration. To do this we end up having to use diamond polishing on your stone ticket out deeper damage from stains scratches in scuffs.

And if you have a concrete floor, we have many eye-catching solutions for you as well. By far the most popular is a stained concrete floor.

For a business, or a fancy home entry, a logo or other image is another way of adding distinction to your floor. We are able to custom create your logo on to your floor in a way that is durable and strong so it will hold up to normal foot traffic. Set your home or business apart from the others with a custom logo added to your polished concrete floor.


Surface Renew Arkansas company logo

Contact Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite price quote for travertine floor tile restoration. Or ask us a question. And then we’ll reply ASAP with your answer and/or your custom price quote. We’re all about great customer service!

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