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Travertine Tile Polishing High Gloss Shine

Travertine Tile Polishing Video of professional service in Chenal, AR.

Travertine Tile Polishing service in central and north west Arkansas. Marble polishing too.

In this home in Chenal, AR, we cleaned, polished to high gloss and sealed all the travertine tile in the whole house: Travertine tile floors, vanity countertop, and tub surround. Took about one week to complete. Went from dull and dingy to super shiny.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys its Ryan at Surface Renew. We just wrapped up a large travertine job out here in Chenal. The whole bottom floor is travertine. It’s a late 90’s early 2000’s built home. It was originally a honed finish, and the customer wanted a shiny finish, and we put 400 diamonds on it 800 diamonds on it, then powder polished it out. Cleaned, polished to high gloss, and then sealed. And now the customer has the shiny new looking home that they wanted!

We started this project in the master bathroom. We polished all the vanities, countertops, the floors, the shower, the tub surround; it’s a whole lot of travertine that used to be a dull flat finish. It would trap dirt and just always look dingy. We brought it out to a real deep gloss high shine. So if you have old dingy dull scuffed travertine that you want to make beautiful again, then give us a call.


Surface Renew AR travertine tile polishing service

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