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Tub Refinishing Care and Maintenance Instructions


Tub Refinishing Care and Maintenance Instructions

After refinishing your bathtub you should maintain your new surface in much the same manner as a new countertop, vanity, sink, bathtub, or tile surface. The following care and maintenance instructions will help you keep your new finish clean and attractive for many years. Failure to follow these instructions may void your warranty.

Top 10 Care and Maintenance Tips

  1. Do not get the surface wet for 24 hours after completion.
  2. Do not place heavy objects on surface for 72 hours after completion.
  3. Carefully remove any remaining masking tape/paper/plastic after 10 hours.
  4. Any hardware and/or caulk should be replaced after 10 hours.
  5. Regular cleaning is important to prevent dirt and soap scum build-up that will hide the beauty of the finish. So never use abrasives such as scouring powders, pads, steel wool, scrapers, or sandpaper on your new finish. Clean with warm water and gentle liquid detergents or bathroom cleaners. Some GOOD cleaners to use are:  Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner, Lime-a-Way Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaner, Mr. Clean, or any all purpose liquid dish soap such as Ivory or Dawn.
  6. Never use suction cup mats or any suction cups on the finish.  Because over time these will mar and then loosen the finish.
  7. Repair ALL leaking faucets. Because constant dripping will cause premature wear and rust around the drain.
  8. Do NOT use ACIDS on the finish. If using a drain opener then carefully pour into the drain taking care not to spill on the finished surface.
  9. Liquid car wax works well to protect the finish and make it easier to clean. Follow the directions on the container. Repeat application every 3 months or so.
  10. Never allow nail polish remover to come in contact with the finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Some dust particles and other small debris in the finish are a normal part of refinishing. Regular cleaning will remove most of this over a short period of time. Check caulking periodically for good sealant and adhesion.

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